Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rush hour run

Finally I seem to be getting back to running regularly again and after Saturday their seems to be no problems. Tuesday tends to be my easy run day but as I find it easier to run with company, the offer of a run with NYMAC member Chris Ward is too tempting to turn down. Chris is marathon training for Liverpool in May so it was never going to be a short run. The plan was to take it steady and stop when tired legs take over, somewhere around 10k I expected. The early part of the run coincided with rush hour traffic, way too noisy for a relaxing run and crossing the roads were a task in themselves. The traffic only reminded me how much I'm looking forward to getting back on the moors soon. 
The light nights have certainly brought out the runners again and we passed several groups out training. The steady run turned into long run, as expected, with my tired legs giving up around 12 miles in I left Chris to finish off the last mile or so. It was nice to get some distance in again and hopefully I can now start to make plans for some more summer races.

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