Thursday, 20 April 2017

How many is too many?

just a quick look at the north east races website will show just how many races there are available to enter nowadays, on most Sundays there are several options at various distances and with running at an all time high popularity level there are now certain companies putting on races or series of races to simply make money. Don't get me wrong I like to enter a race as much as anybody but I like to pick and choose which events I enter so I can enjoy the build up, the race and most of all, the reward of finishing. We all want to do well when we run but I would take crossing the line having enjoyed my race than worrying about my time and more importantly my team mates times. I always want my club mates to do well, I spend my time doing my best in races, not looking to see which club mate I can finish ahead of next and anyone who wants to do this I have no time for.
When I ran in the Snake lane 10 back in February I was clearly going through a bad time carrying an injury, I finished the race in a quicker time than I should have under the circumstances as I felt I had to, I crossed the line with relief and not long after finishing I couldn't even stand, the first few members I saw asked how I was. Great feeling until the next one along asked "what was your time"
Anyone wants to know my times, follow me on strava!

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