Monday, 24 April 2017

Gisborough woods

A perfect April Sunday morning and I find myself at Guisborough rugby club preparing for one of the toughest fell races on the calendar. Keen to make up lost time I've decided to take on the Gisborough moor anniversary race, a race that is over 12 miles in total and has a total climb of over 2000 feet!
After registering for my race number I notice several NYMAC fell race regulars, Brian Saysell is a machine on these hills, Mark Edwards is, like I've said before the man to follow as he always knows the way and of course Eddie is here to gain his points towards an inevitable club fell title. Before I head to the start I bump into Paul McGough who is always Eddies main title contender and a few other NYMAC members. 
Plenty of advice for the next two hours seems to be take it easy and save your legs! Advice taken on board as we set off into an immediate ascend high into Highgate woods, an area I don't know well. Before long were out into the open Moors were I actually get to do some running which set me at ease until randomly we come across club coach Peter with his ever growing collection of dogs. 
Once heading in the direction of captain cooks monument I started to recognise the area from a Monday night fell run I did over the winter, although that was in the dark and it was the wrong way!
The weather had brought out plenty of tourists and it was a bit of a battle to get down the stone path from the monument to Gribdale. A nice cool cup of water was a nice boost before climbing once again up to Newton moor and the highlight of the run, Roseberry topping. A brisk walk up the steps to Roseberry and I found myself amongst crowds of tourists taking selfies, finally spotting the checkpoint i was back running downhill, certainly my shortest visit to Roseberry. Little Roseberry certainly didn't live up to its name as found it a tougher climb due to the lack of stone footing.
The long exposed climb towards Highcliff was easily the warmest part of the day and a tempting offer of a beer from a family group almost halted my race there and then! Highcliff was not a place I had visited before but the stunning views demanded a small rest and look around to take it in.
All downhill from here through the woods only a slight slip on the muddy ground of any concern before back onto the road we started and a welcome finish line. Fell runners are a very friendly group with no mention of times or positions, everyone just seems to have enjoyed a run out in the amazing area we live. I'm very much looking forward to future Fell runs.

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