Monday, 23 October 2017

Yorkshire coast 10k

after my recent long distance runs I've pretty much decided long is best (pun intended) and I'm better at runner slower long distance events so today's Yorkshire coast 10k will probably be my last 10k road race for a while. I've not had the best of years pace wise so I have nothing to lose today and pretty much decide to "give it a go". I last did this race two years ago when I was first starting out and I'm sure it was my first race as a NYMAC runner, I was around 53 minutes that day so I'm sure I will beat that. This race has a very narrow start so getting to the front is essential and luckily today we manage that with a sneaky leg over a barrier. Plenty of NYMAC runners in the starting pen and before we know it were off and running. This route is an out and back along Scarborough sea front and is pretty flat but unfortunately today the winds are against us on the outward leg and it feels like hard work heading into the north bay. At the 5k turning point I got to see the other NYMAC runners who were all looking strong. Heading back the winds were a welcome breeze on your back and I felt very comfortable coming back through the sea front crowds. I managed to finish in under 47 minutes which was the fastest I've managed all year so I've got to be pleased with that and I feel I'm heading back towards where I was last year.

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