Monday, 2 October 2017

Redcar half marathon

Seems a little strange to discuss the Redcar half this morning as I didn't actually take part. After a lot of thought I decided it best that I didn't enter with the marathon a week away. The race is very popular amongst NYMAC runners and for many it's a highlight of the year. The race had already set off when I arrived so my first glimpse of NYMAC vests were when the runners returned to Redcar for the first time after the excitement of the trunk road. Looking very quick up front was James and Paul then a large group followed with Phil, Darren and Jack all going well. Many more NYMAC vests streamed through after and most had time for a wave on our unofficial NYMAC supporters corner. I moved further up the road for the final return of the runners who had all run fantastic races and it was good to be able to put a few faces to names. NYMACs James Fahey finished sixth overall and Paul and Phil not much further behind. Plenty of PBSs behind them including another club record from Laurence and another PB from Dave Robinson. From a personal point of view i actually enjoyed watching the race which I didn't think I would as I wanted to run especially as I enjoyed the race last year but I have a bigger target to aim for this week so some things have to give.

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