Friday, 27 October 2017

Midweek sessions

After the 10k on Sunday it was a quick return on Tuesday evening to the sports village track. Again a large turnout from the members and lots of confidence after a weekend of good results in various events. Today's session was to be a very quick 400m lap and a 100m jog with a short rest after every three. I tried to push myself a little more to get in as many as I could and got to 15 which I was happy with, a very tough session but hopefully we will all feel the benefit in the next few weeks.
Thursday evening as usual started from Nunthorpe sports club heading down to the grove besides Stewart park. An unusual warm up run found us all in total darkness in the short cut through to the grove. After a short run to the end of the grove to retrieve the others I did a few lengths of the grove at a strong pace. I've always liked training on the grove with the steady gradient it's a good test and always used to enjoy it as an alternative to the track when I first joined NYMAC. 

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