Friday, 29 September 2017

Last long run

after months of training we come down to the last long run of the schedule, it's two weeks until York and we're about to cover a distance I have never tried before. I chose Redcar sea front as today's location as next weekend it's the Redcar half which Chris is taking part in and secondly because it's the flattest place I could think of,no hills at last!
We set off on a misty damp morning determined to stick to the 10 minute miles plan we have decided on to get me through the distance of the marathon. After a short visit to marske and back then a boring stretch of the trunk road a quick visit to the Locke park loo was in order. With things a little more comfortable now we had along the prom for another visit to marske with things going well. Into miles 18+ we were into unknown territory for me but we have trained well recently so I had to trust my legs. Into the 20th mile I actually started to feel comfortable again, wether it was the thought of the finish I don't know but was pleased to feel as well as I did when we completed the 20 miles.
Very pleased now it's out of the way and a great confidence boost, taper time now!

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