Monday, 18 September 2017

Autumn long run

there have been a few changes in NYMAC personnel in the last week or so, which I think take our coaching sessions in a new direction. The first of these sessions was Tuesday. As I had only run the great north two days earlier I wasn't ready to take part in the track session laid on by Paul but I was keen to meet up with the group to show my support. There was a great turnout for he session which is a nice boost for all involved.
After saying hello to the members I headed off on a short "recovery " run which was very much needed. Two days later it was back to the next of our training runs. Chris had arranged the route which involved double backs to save on carrying drinks and gels etc. Today's aim was to slow the pace right down and see if we can improve the distance. Just ten minutes into the run we were hit by a huge unplanned rainstorm which pretty much decided we were doing this run cold and wet, great!
After I few reminders we eventually got into the slow pace planned which really helped with the stamina side. Things were going well until around 12 miles when again the heavens opened and we were soaked for a second time. This was to be the last straw, soaking wet, cold and tired legs from the weekend meant we cut short around 14 miles, slightly less than planned but I nice confidence booster with the pacing feeling a lot more comfortable. With the longest training run up next week the pacing is now crucial to lasting the distance I have never covered before.

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