Thursday, 30 March 2017

Back to Parkrun

6th September 2014 was the day I ran my first Parkrun in Darlington, my time was 28:08 although at the time I was just relieved to complete it! 159 people ran that day. Fast forward to today and I'm back in South Park and pleased to say this time the running shoes are back on. After a plod on my treadmill a few days earlier I felt comfortable enough to have a run. Today there are 387 other runners taking part, the love of parkrun just continues to grow, I took it easy round the first lap then try a little harder for the second, three weeks without running takes its toll in the last lap and I fade getting passed by three finishers in the finish straight. Overall I was pleased with my 23:46 and it was great to be back amongst parkrunners again! Now let's see how the legs recover.

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