Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday bloody Sunday

It’s good sometimes to take a step back (not through choice) and get some perspective. Last week I had the snake lane 10 miler and I didn't run as well as I could, thursday brought the reality check that a rest was long overdue.
I’ve only been running for just shy of three years but it’s amazing how that’s now become standard. Not that long ago I would have been dead chuffed to finish a 5km run, let alone a 10km or more. Now I think 10 miles isn’t much for a Sunday.
Given I’ve also had a niggle (it’s not an injury unless it stops you running. The fact that it hurts when you are running is totally fine, yes?) it's time to rest and recover.
whilst not able to to run it's quite frustrating to look at strava but seeing my club mates having a great turn out at today's fell run is good to see. Fell runs are great fun and I'm looking forward to a summer of events. 

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