Friday, 24 March 2017

Planning races

Their seems to be more races than ever nowadays and it's too easy (and costly) to enter so many. Most of the bigger races seem to be full so far in advance that you have plan your whole year around them, not to mention the stress of online queues to get booked in them!
Like all members of NYMAC it's great to run in a race and represent our club in our club colours so I've been taking a look at future races. My long term plan is to one day run a full marathon, that was the plan for 2017 until this injury knocked me back, but until then I'm sticking to half marathon distance. I've been lucky enough to get a place in this years Great north run after running it for the first time last September, And also the 10k race that comes with it that finishes in the Gateshead stadium. I also enjoy the fell race season so will be looking to enter a few over the summer. I'm already entered in Darlington 10k, although not the best race out there it was nice to run around the streets I grew up in and the race headquarters, the Dolphin centre is where I worked for six years.

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