Monday, 21 August 2017

Parkrun Saturday

After a tough long run during the week I gave my legs a couple of days extra rest and made my next run An extended Parkrun. I like to have a nice warm up before parkrun I normally run to Stewart park or like on this occasion do a preview lap. It was a fairly mild morning but a strong headwind was going to make it a tough run for most. Quite a few NYMAC members around this morning and I decided to start the run at the back of the group with Mark Edwards. The first thirty seconds was almost impossible getting totally blocked I found myself walking, once out and frustration kicking in I found myself trying to make up time weaving through the field until I felt comfortable again. After the first lap I felt it was going well and pushed on. After passing the ponds into the trees I started to feel the long run in my legs from only four days ago but I don't feel it slowed me down too much even finding a little extra on the home straight. A later found out again I had recorded my fastest Parkrun of the year so far which is what I am hoping for each time. Three weeks till great north so the Parkrun will be on hold for a while now.

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