Saturday, 12 August 2017

Darlo half marathon unofficial

Another Tuesday means two things, long run day and rain, seems to have rained on most of our long runs so far and today's weather doesn't let us down, absolutely chucked it down! Getting these two hour running slots are as hard as the actual run so rain or no rain it's off we go.
The first half of he run was a one lap run around the Darlington 10k course which is coming up at the weekend and then a long run through old parts of the town finishing with a few laps of the south parkrun. As well as miles in the legs these long runs are good learning sessions, today I learnt joggers nipple hurts! Carb gels don't always agree with you and Chris's over washed kit foams up in the pouring rain!
Despite running at a steady talking pace we manage the full half distance in under two hours which was very pleasing with the great north run less than five weeks away.

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