Saturday, 12 August 2017

5th August - parkrun morning

A lovely warm morning helped me decide I was going to jog down to Stewart parkrun this week, it's a nice warm up run as it's mainly all downhill. Said hello to a few NYMAC members then found myself a nice spot in the rear of the start. Stewart parkrun is becoming very popular and the start is a tough first minute of a race where you can very easily get blocked which is exactly what happened to me on this occasion. Once out of the pack I settled well and felt pretty strong in the finish without pushing too hard. Afterwards I ran back with club mate Paul Bainbridge who had decided to run back the tough premier road route which is almost all uphill. A tough run back but was pleased when I reached the top and the miles were in the bag! When my Parkrun email came through it came with the good news that I had recorded my quickest time so far this year, nowhere near my fastest times but it's a good step forward at last.

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