Thursday, 17 August 2017

Long and steady

With just a full days rest after the weekends 10k race it was back to the long distance training with Chris. With both of us going away next week we were keen to get a long run in the bank so as it was Chris's route choice this week he decided on three laps of a 5 mile loop he runs from his house. I have done these loops before but only ever managed two in one go so the third was always going to push my limits. The first two laps were completed pretty well although quicker than we had planned, after a quick drink we headed out into the third. The third lap was inevitably slower and hard work, the scenery of Middlesbrough wasn't the best and I found this a tough mental test to get through. I found the last mile a tough one but managed to get through it. Didn't feel to great for a few hours after this run but I learnt a few things which is the point of training, right?

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