Monday, 10 July 2017

Great north 10k

it was good to finally put on my NYMAC vest again as it's been a while since I had been in a race. I Had entered the great north 10k last year when I had ticked all the boxes when entering the great north run, whilst it's probably a race I wouldn't of entered it turned out to be a good tough race. Again this year I ticked the box to enter and then completely forgot I had until the last minute of entries, the downside of this I was given a green number which saw me placed in the third wave of starters. The positive side of being in the third wave was when crossing the start line there was a totally clear road ahead for the first 2k. The downside was catching up with the tailenders from the earlier waves and spending the last 3k having to weave in and out. The uphill finish they call "the slog on the Tyne" was a tough as I remember last year but this years warmer conditions found out a lot of runners, pleased to say I made it up all the way without stopping which I was pleased with. Overall I was happy with my run and it was good step forward to try and get back to where I was last summer.
What race is next?

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