Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tees barrage parkrun

Saturday mornings are most weeks all about Parkruns, my last attempt at a parkrun before my festival  trip resulted in arriving late at Fountains abbey and been refused entry into the grounds!
This week with a weather forecast of rather warm temperatures I decided to attend Tees barrage Parkrun with Chris hoping there may be a slight cooler air coming off the river? How wrong we were! When your sweating during the warm up you know it's going to be a warm one and that's how it ended up. Tees barrage for those that haven't took part yet includes three bridges to cross which also includes stairways and ramps, just leading up to the third of the bridges I managed to almost fall when my ankle gave way on the pathway, luckily I stayed upright but it slowed me down for the rest of the run. With the heat rising by the minute it was a relief to see the finish line and I was very jealous of the black Labrador in front of me which jumped straight into the river for a cool down swim!

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