Monday, 8 May 2017

Hardwick park

A quiet return to Parkrun this week as a last minute decision meant I was the only member to run the Sedgefield parkrun at the lovely Hardwick park. I have ran here on two other occasions, the Serpentine trail race and last years Neptune relay event, but I've never joined in the parkrun.
After a short delay at the start due to parking issues with the latecomers we were sent on our way round the small ponds heading towards the large lake, i felt quite comfortable early on but soon as we hit the open paths a cold headwind soon hit and I soon slowed down. After a nice winding route amongst the waterways in the park a short uphill path appeared ahead which took me by surprise as I hadn't read the course description. Overall a nice two lap 5k and one I will do many times again, hopefully next time on a warmer morning!

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