Saturday, 25 February 2017

Just another Parkrun?

The combination of resting a seemingly constant aching thigh and resting before tomorrow's Snake lane 10 led me to a volunteer role at today's Stewart parkrun. Due to the previously mentioned leg problem this is already the third time I've volunteered this year but only the fourth time in two years? I know we all get the weekly facebook/email message "there wouldn't be a parkrun without volunteers" but this is certainly true from what I've seen. We all take for granted turning up, running a quick 5k and jog off home but have we thought of how them red cones appeared and disappeared around the course? The never ending white tape at the finishing funnel? Even the results we enjoy reading? Doing a few stints in recent weeks has certainly made me feel a little guilty that I haven't volunteered I few more than I have, after all if nobody offered it would be just another run in the park.

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